The Five Minute Curtain Hack

There’s nothing like big windows to fill a room with natural light. High ceilings and large windows are an alluring combination, but window treatments for these spaces can get very costly. Perhaps you’ve just moved into a converted industrial loft or other open-concept space. All that square footage is great, but maybe you need to divide up the space of lend some privacy to your dwelling.


When faced with large expanses that need covering, the cost of fabric can add up quickly. We’ve discovered a quick and inexpensive way to craft beautiful window coverings at a fraction of the cost of store-bought curtains – no sewing machine required. How did we do this? Drop cloths from your local hardware store can be used to make beautiful, billowing window treatments. This technique takes less than an hour, and can be accomplished with items from your local home improvement store.


Head to the paint department in your home improvement store to find your drop clothes. Available in a variety of sizes and lengths, this material is typically used by painters to protect flooring or furniture while painting. They are typically an off-white, flax color with a nubby texture akin to linen, and they require no finishing as the edges are already hemmed.  Their warm, neutral tone looks lovely in all kinds of spaces, and their economical cost means you can cover your windows or divide up your space without breaking the bank.


We recommend installing your drop-cloth curtains with curtain-rod clips. By installing your curtain rod at ceiling height, you’ll draw the eye upward and give the illusion of higher ceilings. First, measure your windows to establish your desired curtain length, then give your drop cloths a light press with your iron to smooth out any creases.  When you are ready to hang your curtains, simply fold your curtains at your desired length (no sewing required), and clip your curtain clips onto the fold at regular intervals. We recommended no less than 6 inches between clips, but don’t be afraid to experiment! You’ve now got durable, washable curtains to enjoy for years to come.