Decor Hacks for Booklovers

I this digital age of the e-reader, many of us are dowloading our reading materials instead of checking them out from the public library. Yet there’s something truly special about a home filled with books you’ve loved. For centuries, books were considered a valuable commodity and passed down to the next generation. Perhaps you yourself have a few well-worn classics that were gifted to you from someone special, or maybe you’re saving some of your favorites to pass on to your children or grandchildren. Either way, if you’re a bookish sort you likely appreciate the warmth and character that a book-filled house provides.


But wrangling a sizeable literary collection into a small space can be challenging, and unless thoughtfully arranged, you might find that your books overwhelming your space. Yes they’re heavy to move around, but if you can’t seem to part with your much-loved reading collection, rest assured there are many elegant ways to incorporate your library into your decor.


  1. Sometimes it’s ok to stack! A coffee table or nightstand is a great spot to showcase a few of your favorites. Look for glossy covers with vivid imagery that showcase your interests.


  1. If you’ve got a hefty collection, make use of those hard bounds tomes by crafting a side table out of a sturdy stack of books.


  1. Utilize shelving. Make the most of vertical storage options by displaying your collection on your walls to break up the space.


  1. Fuel the fireplace. If you have an unused fireplace and mantle in your home, consider filling the void in your hearth with your reading collection.


  1. Go big. If you have a large space that needs to be divided up, you can utilize large, floor- to-ceiling shelving units to store your books and define your space. Try organizing them by color or size to play with the visual effect.