“Flip” Your Closet into a Last Minute Costume Shop!

Halloween is this weekend and we have NO idea what we’re going to be! Maybe it’s just because we’ve been so busy filming Season 2, but Halloween really snuck up on us this year! We have a feeling we’re not alone in scrambling to pull together a last minute costume. Maybe you’re throwing together last minute plans or parties or maybe you’re just taking your kiddos trick or treating? Whatever your plans are, you need a costume! Here are some quick and easy ideas to “flip” your closet into a last minute costume shop!

1. “We’re all a little mad [for plaid] here!” – Go as a lumberjack! This one is easy and warm! Music city has been unseasonably warm this fall, but the nights are starting to get down right chilly. There’s no need to be uncomfortable this Halloween! Just throw on a pair of jeans, boots, and a plaid shirt.                                                                                                                     img_2751


2. Go for the gold! – Be an olympic gold medalist! Pull out your red, white, and blue and represent! Don your athletic wear and tennis shoes and borrow your son or daughter’s a sports team medal. You’ll be comfortable and look like a winner!







3. The 90’s are back! – Dress like a 90‘s kid! Pull out that shirt you have stashed in the back of your closet from 20 years ago! Throw on a backwards hat and some denim and you’ll be looking too cool for school.





4. Spread the love, man! – Go as a hippie! Wear that tie-dye shirt you’ve been holding on to, sport those bellbottoms and psychedelic patterns, tie a scarf around your head, and pull out any fringe you own. Instant Flower child!




5. Nashville Flipped – If all else fails, be Troy! Lace your boots up, grab a navy shirt, pull on a ball cap, slide on some sunshades, and hold tight to your hammer. You’ll be looking like one of the Nashville Flipped team in no time! (And if you tag us on Instagram, we’ll probably repost!)