The sound of pounding hammers, whirling chop-saws, and the whoosh of spitting nail guns fill the air of the 1930’s style ranch house. That is until the filming starts. Then it’s “quiet on the set!” Today we are filming just outside of Nashville in Old Hickory, Tennessee. From a distance, a day filming […]

Last night a bunch of our closest friends and family convened in the old Marathon Motor Works building to watch the premiere of Nashville Flipped on DIY Network. It couldn’t have been more appropriate either – a show about restoring old homes in one of Nashville’s most historic factories that was recently restored and turned […]

  1. Butcher Block Countertops Wooden countertops add warmth and texture to modern kitchens. A surprisingly economical choice with big impact, they require only minimal maintenance. Over time they’ll need a beeswax treatment (or any food-safe wax) to protect the wood and make them glow. Don’t be afraid of the little imperfections that come with […]