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When you start tearing apart historic homes…

Nashville Flipped is unique because it focuses exclusively on homes that most people would consider tearing down.

There is no telling what will happen when you begin peeling back decades of ideas, or the headaches you’ll uncover.

When Troy, Julie, and their team put their creative minds to work, they don’t just bring homes back to their former glory; they also modernize and improve what was already there.

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Builder / Speaker / French Bulldog Owner


Upon exiting Penn State, a young Troy Dean Shafer landed in Nashville, bent on pursuing music. The son of a builder, Shafer fell in love with the charm of Nashville’s historic Victorian and Greek Revival architecture.

With a truck and some hand tools, he began a career buying old houses, restoring them, and selling them.

A few years, and dozens of homes later, Shafer’s talents were spotted by the good people at HGTV/DIY, and a show was born.